Museo Judío de Buenos Aires

An invitation to the history of a society. The whole project consisted on preserving the past without neglecting ties with the present. It was important to establish links between the Argentinean Jewish culture and the overall society. As a result, we created a positive and attractive visual identity, positioning the Museum as a center of cultural attraction. We also developed all the communication pieces, and designed many exhibitions.

Present: Future Our part of the story. A platform for interpretation, questioning and conversation. present: future reflects both the deepest sources and highest aspirations that stand at the core of building the Museum of the Jewish People. present: future brings together personal-communal visual memories from our unique databases, with classical Jewish texts and quotes from contemporary visionaries. As such, it brings to life Abba Kovner’s transcendent saying: “To remember the past, to live in the present – to trust in the future”, Avinoam Armoni – Chief Executive Officer Beit Hatfutsot.