The City College of New York 175 years

The City College of New York is a renowned educational institution located in New York City. It was the first free public institution of higher education in the United States. With a high status and prestige, it is constituted as an accessible and quality institution for the study of various disciplines.
We worked on the design of the identity for the celebration and commemoration of its 170 years. Five years later we developed a new complete visual system for the 175th anniversary and, reforming the previous design, we elaborated the institution’s logo representing its growth, prestige and trajectory.

CCNY communications team
Rocío Rivera Iglesias, Marta Múgica Tellería, Namrata Kupte, Dee Dee Mozeleski, Sarai Pérez
CCNY Authorities
President Vincent Boudreau, Dean Erec Koch (Humanities & the Arts), Chair Jerry Carlson (Media & Comms. Arts), Program Director Nancy Tag (BIC / SoGo)
Menos es Más + BIC’s SoGo
Managing Director
Gustavo Stecher
Gerardo Blumenkrantz